About Us

About JMS Technical Solutions

Our company was founded in 1995 by owner Jason Michael Seifert serving all of Orange County and Long Beach.  The focus of the business has always been people first and technology second.  That in mind we always attempt to find and engineer solutions to fit the needs of our clients instead of trying to shoehorn our customers into a limited and predetermined selection of products and options.  As such we do not partner with any companys for profit nor do we resell anything.  Our neutrality allows us to provide our clients with the best and most well researched opinions regarding quality of product and value of service.  What our customers pay for is our expertise and Knowledge.

About Jason

Jason Michael Seifert grew up in orange county ca and was practically raised with a keyboeard in his hand.  A consumate entreprenuer he built his first custom PC in the 6th grade using his own money earned by washing cars door to door in his neighborhood.  Technology has always made sense to jason and he describes himself as “the kid that knew how to program the clock on the vcr”.  He officiallhy went into business for himself in 1995 straight out of highschool.

Jason Seifert was always a gifted teacher and his ability to explain things in a way that anyone can understand is in his mind his greatedst gift.  He takes a great deal of pride in helping people to “Make friends with technology”. He has spent his career honing that skill set and focusing it on teaching elderly individuals how to use computers, tablest and smart phones  with a great deal of success. He garners great satisfaction in seeing his senior customers use their devices with every inch the confidence that his younger clientele are able to.  He claims that the key to teaching is to speak your clients language and base what you are trying to teach on their already existing knowledge and experience.

Jason calls himself “the swiss army geek” because of his huge breadth of skills. He looks forward to putting those skills and experience to work for you,