Save the Date!!!

Microsoft Calls ‘End of Life’ on Windows Vista Operating System
April 11th 2017 Microsoft will not support Vista any more.

Ok everyone, the nightmare is almost over. Vista was one of the worst Windows versions ever released and Microsoft is finally retiring it.

What Does This Mean?
Windows Vista will be coming to the end of its product support life cycle after completing five successful years. In other words, Microsoft will no longer be supporting Windows Vista, and all updates for this operating system will be completely stopped. Users of this operating system will be advised to upgrade their software to a more recent version prior to this end of life date.

If you have a 7 year old computer i really think you should consider buying a new machine. A pc or laptop that is that old is probably not worth upgrading to Windows 7 or 10 as performance will likely be poor and the cost to buy windows 7 or 10 will be at least $100 which is a huge waste of money IMHO.

Why Not Just Keep Windows Vista?
The longer you stay with Windows Vista, the higher the chance you have of becoming a victim of cyber-crime. Updating your operating system will safeguard you from these external threats and help keep your system more secure with continued Microsoft mainstream support and patches. The reality is that both windows 7 and 10 are decent operating systems but for my money I will always upgrade my PC instead of buying the OS al a carte.

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